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March 17, 2010 - I found my old page with few of my old posts. It made me sad to see those abandoned words. I use to think I did not choose the words, they chose me. I feel bad to have abandoned them when they so kindly picked me. I will not abandon you anymore...


Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mountains and the Oceans

It was now time to experience the natural wonders of the region.


So off we went to the top of…


…table top.

No its not a table its the name of the mountain because it look like a table.


Then it was time to go back down to sea level.


To cape Good Hope!


The most south western point of the African continent.


Where the Indian and Atlantic ocean meet.


From the top of the mountains and down to the sea, there was so much beauty around us!


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  1. Non mais, quelle vacance!!! La mer, c'est tellement reposant. J'ai hâte de voir plus de photos de votre voyage. =)