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March 17, 2010 - I found my old page with few of my old posts. It made me sad to see those abandoned words. I use to think I did not choose the words, they chose me. I feel bad to have abandoned them when they so kindly picked me. I will not abandon you anymore...


Sunday, November 01, 2015

How autism has changed me

Last post I've published date back to 2012, so much has changed since then. Back in 2012 I had a 1 year old daughter and a 4 year old son with a moderate to severe speech delay for his age. I was not too concern, only was trying to deal with it believing he would no doubt get better as soon as he would enter school.

But he did not get better he continues to get significantly worst everyday and I do not expect this to realistic change anytime soon. Some of you might think am being negative or pessimistic. I am not, am being honest and realistic.

Autism has changed me, I wish I could tell you it made me a stronger person overall, it might of on some levels but overall it crushed me. I've became absolutely burned. It crushes me to see my son in emotional pain and meltdown continually. It is not normal to have a child almost completely uninterested and overwhelmed by the world that surrounds him.

Am not writing this to get pity even not for your sympathies am just tired to be burden by the illusion that we will come out of this flamboyant stronger and wiser. The truth is this sucks and not autism moms are superheroes.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Best Friends

My sister was always my best friend.

My only wish was that my kids might feel the same about each other. And don't they ever!

I've never seen 2 kids love each other so much, they might as well be twins.

Aren't they sweet...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Eating cookies off the floor

I ran into a germophobic at the coffee shop this morning. It made me think about my parenting style.

Cookie on the floor dilemma (explained in basic toddler language):
Option 1:
No no, hunny cookie feel on the floor, cookie is garbage cookie now.
Option 2:
Ho hunny, let me blow that dirt away for you. Please eat the cookie; it’s full of nice germs that will make your nice and strong. Please love, don’t be so gross out, the dirt just make it crunchier at best!

What your parenting style?

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Coming Home

We are in Canada now. We had so much fun on our trip. But don’t think it was all roses. We spent a lot of time in airports and on air planes


and we had our share of lemons along the road.


But we still managed to make lemonade out of it.


Even if it was tiring at times


We made wonderful encounters


But its true even if we had lots of fun


Its always so nice to come home.

Ho yes and also…

I thought you might want to know that…

Bryan finally shaved after nearly a month…

but he left the moustache on…


But unfortunately…

he shaved it off a few minutes after taking the picture.

I was sleeping when he did the shaving, i think he should of keep the moustache.

If you agree with me vote  yes or no on bringing back the moustache in the comments section.

Glad to be back can’t wait to see everyone!!!!


In the end

Toward the end of the vacation we took it easy.


Took the kids to the park by the water front.


Enjoyed the sun setting on the ocean one more time.


We went to bed early.


Before going to bed Wesley slipped on the half dozen bracelets I got here. “I like that” he said softly as he watch them sparkle in the soft evening lighting. “My little princess “ I thought to my self… lol.


The next day it was time to wave goodbye to all the south African craziness.


We observed table top mountain one more time, this time front the top of lion head mountain.


We went to the port to enjoy some fish and chip and had the chance to observe some very playful seals…


and some weird giant sculpture.


Right before leaving for the airport Bryan took me to a German restaurant at the port and got my a giant German beer since we did not have the chance to do it in Germany.


Alyx was also thirsty.


Wesley had a giant German hot-dog.

Ho those German and their giant things.


But it was gone in a flash and we had to go.


Bye Africa Sad smile


Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mountains and the Oceans

It was now time to experience the natural wonders of the region.


So off we went to the top of…


…table top.

No its not a table its the name of the mountain because it look like a table.


Then it was time to go back down to sea level.


To cape Good Hope!


The most south western point of the African continent.


Where the Indian and Atlantic ocean meet.


From the top of the mountains and down to the sea, there was so much beauty around us!